Memories of a lost tomorrow

A white rhino against the Ngong Hills

Memories of a lost tomorrow is the culmination of over 20 years of work. It is part of the first Wildlife Exhibition I held in 2018 in Kenya.

The aim of this exhibition was to educate the people of Kenya, the youth of Kenya to be more astute as to the availability of such a magnificent
resource available for us as Kenyans as well as how we are letting it slip through our hands for the sake of one or two extra shillings in our

The images in this series depict a quickly disappearing world, a magical, epic and quickly becoming mythical world.

A giraffe against the hills of the tsavo.

With my project, I aim to raise awareness of the effects of human-wildlife conflict and am would like to create partnerships with well established institutions that can leverage my work and whose clout can extend the reach of the cause.

Giraffes walking past the Kilimanjaro

You can find my NFT collection on the Orica Platform

More of my photography is viewable on my website




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